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for Virtual Pool 4 - Windows Versions

Virtual Pool 4 runs on Windows XP and newer Windows operating systems such as Vista and Windows 7, Window 8, and Windows 10.
The Virtual Pool 4 installation also includes Virtual Pool 4 Online for multiplayer online play. You can see a FAQ, video tutorial and more on the Support page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation and Initial Start Up Questions and Answers

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Where can I download Virtual Pool 4
Login to, click DOWNLOADS on the nav bar, click the Download Full X.X.X.X button. You see your current serial number by clicking the View button. Your login is the email and password you used when VP4 was purchased. All customers have an account on even if you don't play online.

The VP4 download aborts or finishes and the file is corrupt.
The anti-virus on your computer is probably canceling the download. Turn off your anti-virus, download Virtual Pool 4, install the game, then re-enable your anti-virus.

When I try to run Virtual Pool 4 there are errors about dlls missing or the C++ redistributable
Install all Windows updates, then try again.

When I start Virtual Pool 4, it won't take my registration and closes. What is wrong?.
The anti-virus on your computer is preventing registration. Turn off your anti-virus, run Virtual Pool 4 and register it, exit the program, then re-enable your anti-virus.

Avast anti-virus is known to have issues with VP4. If you have put in an exception for vp4.exe so it knows to let it run.

Virtual Pool 4 crashes on start up, what should I do?
Try these 2 steps to correct:
1) Update your video drivers, get them from support of your computer maker, or the graphics board/chip manufacturer

2) There may be an issue with a DirectX dll. Download and install the DirectX: Microsoft DirectX installer

I did the above fixes and Virtual Pool 4 still crashes on start up, what should I do?
There are known conflicts with some codecs, we believe all of them to be older versions, that have been known to crash VP4. They are known to be on these products:

1) K-Lite Codec Pack. We think the latest is ok, at least we tried 9.2 and it was ok on a Windows 7 system. If you have K-List, uninstall it and try running VP4. If VP4 works and you want K-Lite, try installing the latest version.

2) Nero. Older versions of Nero have issues, in particular the codec. If you have any Nero products installed, try uninstalling and see if VP4 runs.

3) ffdshow. Older versions of ffdshow have problems. If you have ffdshow installed, try uninstalling and see if VP4 runs.

4) Any video player install, especially if it is older. Video players installs usually install codecs and could install on of the offenders. So uninstall and 3rd party video players and see if VP4 runs.

Usually these uninstalls can be done from Control Panel, Programs and Features, double click on the program to uninstall.

My screen is blurry and/or I'm having frame rate issues and I have a fast system
Right click on the Virtual Pool 4 desktop shortcut, select Properties, Compatibility, and check Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.

Do I need to have administrator privileges to run the installation?
Yes, you should always install Virtual Pool 4 with an account that has administrative privileges.

My anti-virus give me an alert when I try to download, open or run the Virtual Pool 4 installer?
Virtual Pool 4 does not have any viruses but some anti-virus may trigger an alert. Turn off the real time detection during download and installation of Virtual Pool 4. Remember to re-enable your anti-virus after installation.
I get a file corrupt error when trying to execute the VP4 installation. What should I do?
First try turning off your anti-virus software. It may be detecting something it does not like and removing it from the .exe file therefore causing the corruption message. Be sure to turn the anti-virus software back on once you have installed VP4.

If you are still getting a corrupt message, uninstall and reinstall Virtual Pool 4 and try again.

I am having problems with the installation of an update, what should I do?
Uninstall Virtual Pool 4, download and install the latest full installation from the download link in your serial number email.

You will not lose any of your saved files, players, or careers by uninstalling and re-installing.
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