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for Virtual Pool 4, Windows Versions

Virtual Pool 4 runs on Windows XP and newer Windows operating systems such as Vista and Windows 7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions and Answers

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I can't find my serial or I did not get the tranfer email. How can I get my current serial number?
Login to, click DOWNLOADS on the nav bar, then click the View button to get your serial number. Your login is the email and password you used when VP4 was purchased. All customers have an account on even if you don't play online.

What should I do if my serial number does not work?
Please check your serial number again and make sure you have entered your serial number properly. It's best to copy and paste this from your email. To copy and paste, hold the left button on your mouse down and highlight the serial number, while highlighted, use CNTL-C to copy the serial number, click the left mouse button with the cursor in the VP4 serial number entry, and use CNTL-V to paste the serial number.

Can I transfer my registration to another computer?
Yes, you can use your copy of Virtual Pool 4 on any single computer you own. You may transfer 12 times per year on your own. When you transfer, we will email you your new serial number. Then, use your new serial number to re-register Virtual Pool 4 on your new computer.

If you have a special case, you may contact us at

I transferred my registration to a new computer why doesn't Virtual Pool 4 still work on my old computer?
Virtual Pool 4 is licensed to a single computer at a time. If you would like to play on multiple computers, you must purchase multiple copies of the game.

If you transfer Virtual Pool 4 to a new computer, it will not work on your old computer. It may work for a while but at some point the registration will be automatically deactivated.

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