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for Virtual Pool 4, Windows Versions

Virtual Pool 4 runs on Windows XP and newer Windows operating systems such as Vista and Windows 7.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Information on Update Patches for Virtual Pool 4

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Patch to

  • Tables lighting improved
  • Ball lighting improved
  • Added reflection on some table metal parts
  • Room art now uses higher resolution textures
  • Added ten foot pool table
  • Changed pinch on play and break cues to jump more
  • Improved rail paths for billiards
  • Improved rail paths for pool
  • Improved how racks break
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed spotting of handicap balls for 9-ball, 10-ball, and 6-ball
  • Increase ball move sensitivity
  • Fixed showing called ball as red when on black in pub pool
  • Fixed no cue shown until A pressed on reshoot in Snooker
  • Fixed Miscall issues on 8-ball
  • Fixed holes in very tight tables
  • Fixed CO continuously missing kicks on colours on reshoot in Snooker
  • Cue stick could intersect spotted object balls

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