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Ulterior Motive
Puzzle Hints

What is the hidden agenda
behind the puzzles in Ulterior Motive?

You need to complete each puzzle in the least amount of time,
but this is possible only if you have solved the
puzzle within the puzzle.

Each puzzle contains clues that you can use to determine the
correct location of a tile and whether a tile is turned or reversed.

Knowing these clues, you can reduce your solving time
and achieve higher scores.


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If you can take a hint,
click the tile next to a puzzle name.
Tiles and Tribulations      Grid Riddlers      Scatter Brainers
Spherical Aberration   Coil Turmoil   Sphere Gears
Juggle Jumble   Mish Mash Mesh   Plasma Phantasma
Bump Stumper   Reelin' Rods   Variety Anxiety
Fish in Troubled Waters   Hornet's Nest   Hextender
Moire Melee   Satan's Satin   Squares Squared
Weaver Deceiver   Right Angleworms   Spiral Beguiler
Ripple Riddle   Roamin' Candles   Mysti-Fire
Path o'Logical   Trig Enigma   Puddle Muddle
Reflexion Perplexion   Executive Order   Maze Hypnosis
Regress Distress   Bubble Trouble   Wriggler Riddler