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Ulterior Motive PC

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Ulterior Motive Pocket PC

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Deviously designed animated puzzles to befuddle your mind. Visual illusions designed to fool you!

Ulterior Motive. It's more than just puzzles. Ulterior Motive combines brain teasing puzzles with arcade style game playing. Play leisurely, play against the clock, challenge an opponent, or team up with a friend.

Five skill levels will confound players from ages 5 to 65. Itís fun for the entire family, and always offers new challenges. In the expert levels, Ulterior Motive can invert and/or reverse images, or hide them when you donít keep up with the clock. As the name implies there is more to this than a moving puzzle. Our ace puzzle designer has created many masterpieces designed to trick you. You must find subtle clues exist to determine piece orientation and placement. All told, there are more than 1000 variations on the first set of puzzle animations. Add additional puzzle sets for even more ways to challenge you visual skills.

Ulterior Motive includes some of the original FlixMix puzzles redesigned with better graphics and music plus many original new puzzle designs. See some Screenshots of Ulterior Motive!

Conquer new challenges by adding on Game Sets.

Ulterior Motive is not the typical "easy puzzle game". It requires real skill. You may want some hints to help you solve puzzles. These Puzzle Hints will not give everything away but will give some clues on solving each puzzle.

Ulterior Motive is available for the PC and Pocket PC.