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Puzzle Hints

Ulterior Motive PC Goodies

Puzzle Hints

Having problems solving some of those puzzle? Try out these Puzzle Hints and Tips.

High Resolution Version Upgrade, Free!

You can download the an upgrade for Ulterior Motive at high resolution for free! Puzzles run at twice the resolution and have better quality music.

To run the high resolution version requires a fast P3 or a P4 processor (or AMD equivalent) with a minimum 16MB memory on the video card.

Be forewarned the download size is large so if you don't have broadband it will take a while.

You can install the high resolution upgrade over your existing Ulterior Motive installation.

High resolution versions for download:

Tiles and Tribulations (41 MB)

Grid Riddlers  (36 MB)

Scatter Brainers (32 MB)


Game Sets

Expand your puzzle play by getting more Game Sets for your PC.


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