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VP3 DL Overview

VP3 for PC

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The Ultimate 3D Pool Simulation

Virtual Pool 3 DL is the latest in the best selling Virtual Pool series. A new Career mode plus improved graphics, physics, online play and more games than ever! So realistic that we guarantee it will improve your real pool game.

Hit the Road

Career mode starts you out as a rookie in the Garage. You're not alone, because Curly, the ultimate road player is there to guide you.

Work your way through 6 different pool rooms by  beating the Room Boss and earning enough cash to travel to the next room.  Each room has a different player and table. As you progress in your career the competition gets tougher and tougher and the bets go up!

You must beat Curly in the beach house for the big money to complete your career.

Play Online

Meet and match up in the Virtual Pool lobby. Play with a buddy or enter a challenge room and put your quarter on the table. Play up to six players per pool room or just be a spectator and watch the action. Tournament, leagues, everything you want online.

Click on the Virtual Pool Headquarters Icon for up to date information on all the Virtual Pool 3 online events.


Pool, Snooker, and Billiards

Virtual Pool 3 has it all! 18 Pool games, Snooker, 1 and 3 cushion Billiards.

Rack 'em up for Pool on a  3.5'x7' bar table or a 4.5'x9' championship table .

Play Snooker on a 6'x12' championship snooker table.

Play Billiards on a 5'x10'  Billiards table.

Play all your favorite games plus some you might not have heard of that are a blast!

Computer Opponents

Virtual Pool 3 has really sharp opponents. They know how to play pool! They're the most human acting computer pool players you'll meet. The better players have the knowledge of pool champions. But luckily for you, the poor players are not any better than the sucker at your local bar. There are 128 computer opponents with varying skill levels so you'll always have somebody to play!


Virtual Pool is famous for its physics that give you unmatched playing experiences. Pool balls move and react just like on a real pool table. You can shoot fancy shots too, like Masse and Jump shots.


Yes, VP3 will make you a better pool player. Playing VP3 will give you a better feel for pocketing balls and cue ball control.

We have special tools that allow you to visualize shots.

You can undo shots and try them over and over until you get it right!

Ball tracking will show you exactly where the balls go. You can see how the cue ball reacts to different cue tip positions or stroke power.

Ghost ball aiming aid helps you line up shots.

Trick Shots

There are two libraries of trick shots. One for Pool, one for Billiards. The Pool trick shots include many favorites???. The Billiard trick shots include the complete set of Artistic Billiards Competition shots. Using ball tracking makes it easy to  create your own trick shots.


Play in tournaments against a field of up to 32 computer opponents. You choose the game, the match length, handicapping, etc.

See if you can beat the field and take the tournament!

Quick Play

Set up and play your buddies or a computer opponent. You pick the room. You set the game parameters. You determine the table difficulty. You can even turn on a shot clock.

Click here to browse the VP3 manual

VP3 for PC

14 MB file


117 MB file