Rotation Straight Pool - great practice game!

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Rotation Straight Pool - great practice game!

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I played this a decade ago but I quit it because some kick shots were impossible to make, but recently (after I changed to raw vegan diet) I came to my senses. This Rotation Straight Pool is perfect for practicing kick safeties with! And any other safeties too! I always sucked at safeties, now it's little better.

The stroke becomes much better when playing this game, especially shots near the rail so it barely falls into the side pocket (not possible in VP4).
If you just play 9-ball your stroke becomes sloppy, you don't need a good stroke in 9-ball, but in Rotation Straight Pool you need a crazy stroke!

Position play
With position play in 9-ball you can leave the cueball in a 50cm large area and still run racks, but in Rotation Straight Pool this shrinks into 10 cm, crazy. It really makes you concentrate as hard as you can, whereas in 9-ball it's as easy as "riding a bike".

You don't go to the gym and lift the lightest weight every day, you go there to challenge yourself! Same with pool. You want to challenge yourself and let you try tougher run-outs than you normally can. Don't just run the easy ones. In Rotation Straight Pool, it's impossible to find an easy run-out. Therefore you are forced to improve your game!

Rotation Straight Pool rules
Same as Straight Pool but you need to hit the lowest ball first.
When you are on the last ball, the 14 balls are racked just like in Straight Pool. And you continue shooting that last ball until you make it. Then you start over by hitting the 1-ball again.
The 1, 2, 3 and 4 are racked in the corners, this makes it easier to open them up.

I made a quick video in VP4 to demonstrate:
It's a shame you can't rack the balls yourself in VP4, in real life it's easy, I like it in real life more. Sometimes in VP4 the 1-ball gets racked in the center, then the run is impossible.
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