New to VP3DL? Read this first!

Play online, have fun, make friends. Discuss playing VP3DL online plus how to get started playing, setup that firewall, and use GameSpy Arcade.

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New to VP3DL? Read this first!

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Hi everyone..

in this thread I am going to collect how-to's that are of interest for VP3 online newbies.
If you have any ideas.. just post them and I'll integrate them.

Attention: your post in this thread could be edited or deleted! Mr. Green
I'm trying to keep this as short as possible...

1. Setup your router

To play VP3 online on Gamespy the following ports have to be enabled:
Port range from 60876 to 60976,
Single ports: 13139, 27900, 28900, 29900.
Check in your router's manual or the manufacturer's website on how to do that for your specific model.

Depending on your router you can also enable the DMZ function to play on-line without having to enter all the other info. Enabling DMZ is not recommended, because it puts your computer at a high security risk.

Here you can find an example on how to set up a BT Voyager router:
It's created for the BT Voyager 205 ADSL Router, but might work for other Voyager routers.
Thanks to polomint77 for creating this!

2. Setup your firewall

If you got Windows XP firewall on and try to play got problems,

- If you have Windows XP without Service Pack 2 installed
follow this to disable the XP firewall: Click on Start and choose Control Panel.Select Network and Internet Connections. Select Network Connections. Highlight your connection, right click and choose properties. Click on the Advanced tab and uncheck the box that says: "Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the internet."

- If you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed
you must configure it like any other 3rd party firewall. Go to control panel and click on windows firewall,then click on exceptions,then click on add program.
If you see Virtual Pool 3 DL listed make sure that the exception box is checked next to it.
If you dont see Virtual Pool 3 DL listed then you must click on browse then look for your C drive then programme files..youll find Virtual Pool 3 DL listed under the interplay or celeris folder and it is the exe file you need to highlight.

The Game will run ok after that.

For more firewall and router help check out this thread:

3. Get the current patch

If you have the download version of VP3, you can check for new patches on the Celeris website:

If you have a previous version of VP3, Jeannette or Curly. You will need to upgrade to VP3DL to play against others with VP3DL. You can get request and upgrade discount coupon here:

4. Create/join games in Gamespy

GameSpy won't initially find VP3DL, you have to make the location of the executable file known to Gamespy. Check here on how to do that

To play online either create a game or doubleclick on an existing room to join it.
There are 2 types of rooms:
"Challenge" rooms are open for all players, in "Normal" rooms the player who set the room / won the last match decides who his opponent(s) will be. Don't expect to automatically be integrated in the match when you join a "Normal" room. If you want to play a match, the easiest way is to ask in the Gamespy lobby for an opponent.
If you think the original Gamespy skins are boring, get some new ones here:

5. Playernames in Gamespy

If someone has a 20 letter name and you want to be polite and spell it correctly.. don't bother typing all the letters. Just type the first 2 and hit the TAB key until the correct name appears in the chat line.

6. Chatting in the VP3 game

The key that works for most players to chat in a room is the '/' key.
Press it and a chatline will open.
If your keyboard is in a different language than English/American, then it might be a different key, ask in the lobby if you don't find it.. maybe someone can help you.
On a German keyboard for example its '-' , on a French keyboard it's '!'..

For a quick key help guide:

7. Everything works fine and now you would like to have some serious competition?
Join the VP3 Virtual Internation Players Ladder (VIP) :
or play in VPHQ tournaments.
Learn there how to do that:
You can also try out the VPHQ leagues, but remember.. if you join there you commit to play for the whole season!

8. No idea what 'wtg', 'brb', 'gf' or 'gtg' means?
Read here about the most common VP3 Chat Abbreviations:

If you have any questions that aren't answered on this board.. you may find the answer on the
Celeris support site: or on the

This forum also has a lot of information. You have to register there to get to see all forums. Most are hidden for non-members.
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