VP4 No Multiplayer?

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VP4 No Multiplayer?

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Was excited to see that there has been another VP!
I've played all the VP games and still play VP3 quite a bit. It wasn't until recently that I discovered there was Vp4 and was about to buy it...when I realized it didn't say anything about multiplayer.

Am I missing something here? Pool is not really a solo sport, I mean it is in that you are playing the table...however I'm sure we can all agree that it is a MUCH more fun game when played with friends. We all didn't skip last class to head to the pool hall to play by ourselves, we did it with friends!

I'm just very confused at why there isn't even a LAN option in VP4. At least then we could even use Hamachi to play our friends over the net. Cmon Celeris....this is the 21st Century and the gaming market is super competative! Putting out a pool game with no ability for multiplayer is just, well, silly.

I played the demo, I love the physics and the realism...but I think Ill just save my 30 dollars for when there can be a Multiplayer version to fully enjoy with friends.
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Re: VP4 No Multiplayer?

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Read the info on this page as regards VP4 online http://vponline.celeris.com/
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