motion blur bug

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motion blur bug

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Just purchased VP4 DL yesterday, so I'm assuming it's the latest version.
I've had a look through the forum and can't see any reference to this issue.

When playing snooker (which is what we bought it for), there is a very annoying bug. The motion blur on the red balls is black when it should be red. All the other balls are fine (except possibly the brown?), eg the pink has pink motion blur, the blue has blue motion blur etc.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of reds, and you spend a lot of time potting reds, so this problem really spoils the fun. It also gets very ugly when looking around the table - all those reds with black motion blur totally destroy the visual immersion of the game

We're using windows 7 (up to date) and a Radeon HD6670 graphics card (latest drivers)

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Re: motion blur bug

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VP4 is not doing any motion blur. What you are seeing is blur from too slow response time on your LCD monitor. I'm not sure what you can do to alleviate this issue short of buying a monitor that is better for gaming. You can try turning off Vertical Sync and raising the FPS (see Settings/Graphics). That probably won't work but only idea I have that won't cost money.
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