Not compatible with my computer?

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Not compatible with my computer?

Post by Diablo92 »

Just now signed up for an account to be on here so i'm expecting an answer. Just bought the game and in pro tour I get crashes.. Game runs perfectly fine till a certain point and then the game begins to just break (the save) I have no idea what I am doing wrong or if i'm suppose to do something a certain way but I just play the game, nothing else. Before crash, a bunch of rectangular bubbles are all over my screen and as i play more, the more those bubbles get filled in with names and when I press the "play" button the game immediately crashes. I thought it was because I was signed into facebook and having connection problems but turns out I ain't that. I tried reinstalling and installing the game onto my vista OS and still nothing so I give administrative settings a try and get the same result (same spot and same thing, nothing at all different) so now I am thinking of deleting my registration key and trying it this way but i'm kind of worried that something may go wrong. I could try reinstalling my windows 7 but what would be the point of it when i find out that nothing still is'nt changing?

My system:
Manufacturer: ASUS
Processor: Intel Core2Due (2 processors)
Memory: 4GB
Hard Drive: Western Digital 250GB| |Western Digital 1TB (both internal)
Video: Video Card EVGA GTX 550TI
Physics Card No
Monitor: ASUS 20inch
Sound: Soundcard N/A
Speakers: Amplifier/Tipical Microphone
Peripherals: Keyboard Tipcical
Mouse: Gigaware
Mouse Surface: N/A
Computer Case: XBLADE
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Re: Not compatible with my computer?

Post by vpeer »

Your computer should not have any issue running VP4.
Email, send a screen shot of what you see before it crashes. Also send the profiles:

Can you send me the pro tour profile with the problem.
The profile is stored in:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Celeris\Virtual Pool 4\vpfiles\profile
Send all with the career name including the .bak files
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