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Re: Real Life billiards or online/pc games billliard?

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 10:23 pm
by Dark Rider
Hard to say really. Of course there is nothing like getting on a real table. However my house is s small condo and It will not fit even a bar size table in it comfortably .. not to mention the neighbors would hate the sound of me hitting balls all day.

I have owned 3 different versions of VP3, buying the first one the year it was released. In my mind it's good enough to satisfy the desire to play pool and give you pool playing enjoyment. Looking forward getting VP4 just as soon as Christmas finances allow it. The other thing is I'm not young as I used to be and don't drink much anymore, so I tend to stay away from bars. Spent two years on a local bar league and loved it - those days are as gone as my hair. I have never played online but I want to start playing over a Lan in my home with my wife and her son. If i feel confident enough after much practice, I may try the online version.