Virtual Pool Mobile - Wish List

General disccusion of Virtual Pool Mobile game play and features.

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Virtual Pool Mobile - Wish List

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Hey guys,

I just didn't have enough space to write down what I felt about Virtual Pool on Google Play. Thought I'd start a topic to see if any of them could be considered for future releases. I'm running on Nexus 7 btw.

Firstly, let me start by saying what a truly excellent representation of pool this game is. The balls behave exactly as you would expect on a real pool table. I genuinely feel that my skills get better the more I play, so very very well done.

Right then, here's my wish-list of things that either frustrate me, or I think would actually give more satisfaction from the game.

- Pocketing the ball. For such a realistic pool game, seeing the ball suddenly "disappear" is pretty inconsistent and actually seems kind of weird.
- Rubbish AI. And I do mean RUBBISH! Come on, on Hard I want to get punished if the balls are there to be cleared up. I love winning, don't get me wrong, but I shouldn't expect to win if I've left the 8-ball hanging over the pocket. Teach me a lesson!
- Putting spin on the ball is confusing. Perhaps a cross-hair or similar to show where you're actually aiming?
- Power - Seeing as you have an auto-aim, I wouldn't mind a power meter. On occasion, I seem to move the screw up the shot, moving the cue ball just a few inches, and I'm not sure what I did wrong. This might be a practise thing though.
- Ball moving after a foul - Seriously, this is unintuitive. You have to guide the cue-ball round other balls. Wouldn't it be better to do this via the overhead shot?
- Tournament mode - I like the career mode, but what with it being so easy, it would be great to have a few other modes, such as a tournament... Against the computer.. OR.... Against real opponents online perhaps? Now that would be something awesome!

I'm loving the game in general though. Very well done. The different tables, cloths, even the shine on the balls. An absolute bargain.

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Re: Virtual Pool Mobile - Wish List

Post by vpeer »

Jumbo, thanks for the great feedback. When we port VP4 to mobile I think your much of your list will get checked off.
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