Restricted view cheat

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Restricted view cheat

Post by deraltefritz »

Hi there,

it's been a while since I last complained about something. But that's very rarely happening to me, which stresses what a great game VP4 turned out to be.

I love the fact that restricted view is mandatory in VP4. No more slow rolling shots with high butt angle, overlaying the balls while aiming under the cue. Knowing the ball will go absolutely straight. That was totally unrealistic, and yet often too tempting to do when matches were close.

But today I've started to use settings->camera->aiming mode->Standard distance, which I also think is a cool feature. But it allows for a very simple misuse: you can aim just like you could in vp3, overlaying the balls while in "standing up" mode, and then press 'a' to go to shooting mode and roll.

Example: Game of 9-ball. The cue-ball is almost frozen to the 9, and cue-ball, 8-ball and corner pocket are on the same line. I don't know what a professional's percentage of making that shot without scratching is. But it's a very risky shot. It's difficult to aim, and even if you aim correctly, it's almost impossible to play a stun shot to prevent the cue-ball from following the 8-ball into the corner pocket.. And even the slightest left or right english will lead to missing the pot.


What you can do in VP4 to facilitate aiming is to apply more top english, just like on a real table. It's easier to aim, but still far from optimal. Plus chances are that you've applied some left/right english. Probably much less than on a real table though (yes, you could move the mouse along a book or lock x-axis during the adjustment, but that's real cheating and not the issue here).


Now here's how to overcome all of this. Press 'a' to go back to "viewing mode". Zoom in/out as much as you want, and go lower than you ever could with a cue-stick, even without the 9-ball in the way. Aim for the 8-ball dead center. Press 'a' again to go to "shooting mode". You will aim exactly as you've left "viewing mode". Roll the ball very softly, knowing that the cue-tip is placed exactly at the horizontal center of the cue-ball. No risk of swerving the cue-ball unintentionally. No risk of the ball curving due to table or cloth irregularities on low speeds. Hit just hard enough to drop the 8-ball. No risk of scratching. Very unrealistic. Pot the easy 9 to win the rack.


settings->camera->aiming mode->Standard distance, at least as far as I know, was included to simulate the way you would approach a shot on a real table. Focus on where you want the cue-ball to go, step forward and go into shooting position. The difference is once you're down, you need to double-check whether everything is set up correctly. If not, you've to get up and do it again.

The fact that you can misuse this feature to aim under the cue and slow roll even the most difficult shots should be fixed. Not necessarily for VP4-offline, but definitively for VP4-ONLINE. If not, there will be slow-rolling with high butt angle like in VP3. Leaving the cue-ball frozen to the rail after a safety shot is worth much less that way.

Comments, please !
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Re: Restricted view cheat

Post by Albinario »

Just tried it and I agree it totally defeats the purpose of the restricted view.
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