VP4 Installation Crashes

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VP4 Installation Crashes

Post by banditgrrr »

I just purchased and downloaded VP4 ( I went throught the installation process and when I open the program it runs a Graphics Performance Test. As soon as that window opens, I get a popup that VP4 has stopped working and it closes. I read through the topics, uninstalled K-Lite 8.9 and I'm having the same problem. I have all the updated video drivers and I have no problems with any other programs. Is there something else I can try to get it past the Graphics Performance Test?

Also, is there any support options other than this forum? I'd like to get this working or I'll need to request a refund.
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Re: VP4 Installation Crashes

Post by zwylle »

Send an email to support@celeris.com
Provide as much information about your system and the crash as you can, including Windows event logs if possible.
There is a file 'message.log' in
C:\Users\<<your user name>>>\AppData\Local\Celeris\Virtual Pool 4
which you should also include, if possible.

Usually they are very responsive.
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