Remote Connection Lost

Virtual Pool Mobile for iPhone
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Remote Connection Lost

Post by Cazst3r »

Hi all,

I have Virtual pool Mobile (Iphone 4s), I love it but I am getting quite annoyed at a couple of things.

Firstly, it very often keeps saying 'Remote Connection Lost' at any point during a game, why is this? I feel as though people will think I keep quitting my game and yet I am not.

Secondly, it states "starting Game" after finding players but sometimes this never happens.

Lastly, the game sometimes freezes when it's the opponents turn and I have no way of getting back to the menu until it times out.

Anyone shed any light on these, especially the Connection Lost thing!

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Re: Remote Connection Lost

Post by vpeer »

There are some bugs in Game Center, waiting for Apple to resolve them. Apple does not communicate much with developers, so just have to wait until they correct it.
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