Playing challenge rooms on different tables.

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Playing challenge rooms on different tables.

Post by 9balldotcom »

Ok so you want to set a 9ball challnge room in the vp3 lobby online in gamespy,but you dont want to play on the garage table.
Ive finally worked out how you can play and also with a shot clock as well on any table you like,but first you have to do a little preperation first.

The way I did it was as follows

I set an online LAN game with only me in the room and i chose for example Deep Pockets,which is the red table and 9ball and i also added a 25 second shot clock.
After I played one shot i went to the in game manu and saved the game and called it Deep pockets and i then quit the game.

I then browsed my computer and opened the CELERIS/vp3 folder and browsed to the user file folder and draggged the Deep Pockets save to my that so far?

Then I went to the gamespy vp3 lobby and set a challenge 9ball room with championhip settings on the garage and with a 25 second shot clock...BUT and heres the but, as soon as i hit the start button I alt tabbed to my desktop and i clicked on my Deep Pockets game save file and then went back into my room id set and voila its now set at Deep pockets and its 9ball with a 25 second shot clock.

You would do exactly the same for hard times or the hawg pen etc.
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Re: Playing challenge rooms on different tables.

Post by zwylle »

You can use any saved game, offline or LAN.
The shot clock settings will be taken from the saved game.

It is also possible to change the distance in challenge rooms for games like straight pool or billairds using a saved game with that new distance, but it needs some cooperation of whoever joins the room first.
If I remember right, you need to resign the first game in order for billiards or straight pool to work properly.
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