Gameplay Courtesies

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Gameplay Courtesies

Post by Deadeye_McCue »

Hi Everyone,

Recent listener, first time caller. It has been a little over a month since I discovered VP3 as an APP
for my Itouch. Within two weeks I had downloaded the Demo version on my PC, played 4-ball for about
three days and had to have more. I was hooked. This is the first PC game I have ever paid for, and
I've been playing constantly, mostly offline. About two weeks ago started venturing into the online
play at Gamespy.

I'm new to online gaming & chatting, and it can be a little bit intimidating at first, but so far my
experience in the VP3 community has been nothing but positive. The players have been very patient and
have helped me get my feet wet. The first game I played was with <one_eye> and he got me started on st8
pool, and just last night <yakboy> took his time and introduced me to Cowboy, which will now lead me to
3C. My first love is 8-ball & 9-ball but I plan on learning all the different games available and am looking forward to meeting and playing the different characters of this realm.

Anyway, this past week, while watching a 9-ball game, I was made aware that there are some "Unwritten
Rules" to be observed while playing. Player A had a "mousefart" while on the break and got a little
grumpy that Player B did not pass the turn back to him to go again. I would not have known to do so
either. I know it is different from a miscue, but I figured it was still just part of the game, (Too Bad, So Sad), and I would not have offered or expected it to be offered to me in the same situation. Now that I know, I will extend that courtesy to my opponent, but I will still not assume that it will be offered
to me.

What I'd like to know is: Are there anymore of these "standing courtesies" that are used during
gameplay, and if so, are they all still observed during tournament action.

I'll hang up and listen now. cya at the tables.
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Re: Gameplay Courtesies

Post by 9balldotcom »

Hello and welcomw to VP3.

The main unwritten rule in VP3 nd has been there in all the 9 years ive played it online is when your playing 9ball in a challenge room(thats winner stays on)
In a real life game if your opponent scratches and you have Ball in hand if you can combo the 9ball if the opportunity arises and win the game.
However ivn VP3 if this happens in a challenge room most players ignore the combo option and prefer to try and run the table,by way of improving their game rather than taking the cheap points by comboing the 9ball if you could.

NOW...just to clarify tho there still is the odd player who ignores that,but most players dont combo the 9ball and most dont even do it in online tourneys either.

Pessonally my rule is do unto other as they wouls so to you...meaning I wont combo,but if you do it to me ill get you back.

As for mouse farts with optical mice and laser mice i dont beleive theres such a thing anymore and its down to player error.More importantly so is the miscue.
Miscues I dont pass back,Id sooner just play a safety.However in a tourney....tough ill shoot out if i can and so should you.
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Re: Gameplay Courtesies

Post by Deadeye_McCue »

Thanks for the info,

I did not know about the 9-ball combo, but now I know and It will never be done by me, unless for payback of course.
Now is that just after fouls with ball in hand or anytime during the game?

Also, I'm still behind in the times and I actually use a trak-ball and shoot with my thumb. So what happens is that I'll press the S to shoot then put my hand on the mouse and accidently push forward just barely making the cue ball move. That's how I nterpret "mousefart" and that's what it looked like had happened to the player in my example. He must be using an older style mouse or maybe even a trak-ball like myself.

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Re: Gameplay Courtesies

Post by zwylle »

I pass back after mouse fart fouls, if the cueball hasn't moved at all.
If you accidentally press s and slightly move the mouse, the cueball usually does move.
Sometimes it needs replay to confirm.
If there is a clock set up, replay isn't possible.
In that case if it happened on the break I pass, if it happened during a regular shot I usually just play.
Also you have to consider that not everyone watches their opponent shoot.
I usually watch TV or browse the web between shots.

Concerning comboing the 9.. depends on my mood and how tough it is to run the table.
Usually I try and run the rack or play safety.
Same with 3 foul rule.
Some people get really angry when you try to get them to make 3 fouls.
I think it's a nice challenge.

In my opinion it's much more rude to not say gg than winning a game by playing good safeties :)

I guess the only commonly accepted rule is to not play any jump shots (jumping over a ball) in 8 ball pub and snooker.
Another one most people stick to is to miscall in straight pool if you slop a ball.
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Re: Gameplay Courtesies

Post by LarryL »

Playing the combo on the nine is part of the game. People who complain to you for doing it are just idiots. imho That said I usually avoid the combo as much as possible, at least when playing for fun. Mainly because I like the challenge of trying to run out. But when it comes to tournaments I will combo if its the easiest way out. The only thing I frown upon in respect to playing a combo on the nine is when people freeze the cueball to the on ball when they have ball in hand. Freezing the cueball to the object ball is a foul in real pool but VP3 of course doesn't recognize it. It is much like jumping a ball in snooker, you can do it in VP3 without having a foul called but IRL it's a foul. The general rule of thumb is when you have BIH is to not put the cueball closer that 2 inches or so to the ball you intend to shoot. As far as mouse farts go I still have them, mostly when using amp on the break. I use a Logitech Trackman Marble optical trackball. It's 10+ year old design but I haven't found a better trackball out there. If your using something better let me know. =P~
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Re: Gameplay Courtesies

Post by OnePocketSlim »

zwylle wrote: In my opinion it's much more rude to not say gg than winning a game by playing good safeties :)
I'm not bothered at all by a lack of a "GG". In fact, it's refreshing. GG gets typed so much it doesn't even mean anything other than people are wearing out their G key for no "good" reason. For example, GG gets typed after a 9 on the snap. GG gets typed after a badly contested game. GG gets typed by an opponent who breaks and runs out. It's rather silly. Most amusing is when someone types "UL" after an obvious piss poor shot.

Vp3, though small, is a great community of people. When I'm in the mood, I enjoy chatting and the comaraderie it offers. To GG or not to GG is personal choice I leave to the individual without any prejudice or malice. I will throw out the occasional GG or some other positive comment. However, I beg of you, please don't be offended if I don't always type GG, G, GS, NS, UL, VUL, L, NR, NB, NB/NR, G Out, N Out, GH, NH, or some other nonsensical......well......BS.

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Re: Gameplay Courtesies

Post by polomint77 »

Mouse farts - that's totally up to you, most of us would pass back if not in a tournament (but even then we sometimes do).
Jumps in 8bpub and snooker ARE NOT ALLOWED, ITS THE RULES...
GG etc, is polite, but once you have played a player alot then its not normally needed.
As for 9ball combos after a foul/scratch, then that is down to preference.. I don't in normal games, but in tournaments I will combo the 9.
Hmmm, the 3 foul/scratch rule..... I never make 3 fouls/scratches (unless I'm itchy err) so I don't know... :)
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