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After resetting my BT Hub Router and consequently losing the settings for vp3,which I also hadnt backed up(cos i didnt know you could) I found that i had to try and input the settings for the ports that I needed to open to let VP3 run.

In a strange twist of fate...after having messed around for a few hours I finally found that these settings were all i needed to let VP3 run and so I can set games and join games and people can see my rooms.

Protocol Port Range Translate To ... Trigger Protocol Trigger Port
UDP 4662 - 4662 - 4662 - 4662
Any 60876 - 60976 - 60876 - 60976
TCP 4672 - 4672 - 4672 - 4672

Needless to say i have also saved a backup of these settings to my hard drive now :pottytrain5:
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