Virtual 9ball World championships 2007 FINALISTS

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Virtual 9ball World championships 2007 FINALISTS

Post by 9balldotcom »

The final hurdle at last.......

Alinville huffed and puffed all the way....behind all the way..up to 5 racks behind at times,but somehow ground out a result against a stubborn LarryL who although you couldnt say was in charge most of the match...for long spells always managed to keep that rack in front until very late on in the match,where he finally fell behind to a determined opponent.
LarryL got an outrageous fluke on the 9ball to tie it up at 34-34...then Alinville held his nerve to run out the few remaining balls in a final rack decider..
4 hours and 15 minutes,it was the longest match ever in this event and not a toilet break to be seen anywhere.And as I commented....Tone wasnt even involved in it neither.

So the final is between Stub and Alinville and it will be the first player to reach 41 racks who will win the title as V9BWC 2007.

I propose the final to be played around 6 pm BST 4TH August as long as both players are agreed.

Good Luck to both players and may the best 9baller win.
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Post by AlinVille »

Saturday 4th sounds good to me.
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