Wanna start a VPHQ tournament career?

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Wanna start a VPHQ tournament career?

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From zwylle
Hi everyone..

in this thread I am going to collect informations that are of interest for VP3 tournament newbies.
If you have any ideas.. just post them and I'll integrate them.

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I'm trying to keep this as short as possible...

VPHQ tournaments are free to join for everybody.

Here is the list with the currently scheduled tournaments:
Additional to the tournaments on this list there may be some impromptu events run too.

Before you sign up to play in a tournament please make sure that you have the right version of the game and that you are able to play other players online.

Before you sign up for your first VP3 tournament you have to register:

Please use the name that you are using on Gamespy, to make it possible for the Tournament Director (TD) and your opponent to see if you are in the lobby. The name is changeable, so if you set up another Gamespy account or change your name in Gamespy you can change your name in the system too.

After you signed up for a tournament:

Make sure that you are in the Gamespy lobby minimum 5 minutes prior to start of the tournament you signed up for.
Our tournaments directors do usually appear as "VIP"s in chat.
Please follow their rules.

There are some general tournament rules that you can find here:

These rules apply as long as the TD hasn't announced anything different.

You would like to check your or other players progress:
Have a look at the ratings.. http://www.vphqtournaments.com/ratings.asp
or check in the tournament history the results of past events: http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tournament_history.asp

Oh... and if you happen to see NuggetUK online on Gamespy.. tell him thanks for the great system he has created Smile
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