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Registering Virtual Pool Mobile on Palm OS 5 Devices

Registration on Palm devices is done by HotSync name. The HotSync name on your device must match the HotSync name shown in the registration email received from Celeris or the site you purchased from.

What is an HotSync name?
Palm devices use a HotSync name to identify the device for synchronization. When you use Palm Desktop you select the Palm device you want to communicate with by HotSync name.

Setting up or checking your HotSync name.
Check your HotSync name on your Palm select HotSync from Launcher. The HotSync name is displayed on the upper right of the HotSync utility. To change the HotSync name start your Palm Desktop and select the pull down in the upper right hand corner, then select Edit Users. Select the name you want to change and select Rename.

What if my HotSync name is blank or incorrect?
Set up your HotSync name then email asking for a new registration. If you are not emailing from the same address used for your purchase, please include an order number, order name, or email used when purchasing so we can look up your order.
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