Error - "Not Enough Memory to Run Virtual Pool Mobile&a

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Error - "Not Enough Memory to Run Virtual Pool Mobile&a

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Memory Errors When Starting Virtual Pool Mobile

Virtual Pool Mobile needs close to 4MB of free Heap memory. If there is not enough memory available when VPM starts the "Not Enough Memory to Run Virtual Pool Mobile" is displayed.

Palm devices run programs in Main Memory. Main Memory is divided into two types of memory, "Storage" (the memory in which all your programs are stored) and "Heap" memory, which is hidden from you by Palm OS because you normally never need to worry about it. Heap memory is only used for running programs, rather like the RAM of a PC. Under normal circumstances, once a program is not running, the memory it used is fully available for the next application.

Things you can try to get more memory:
  • 1) You can try soft resetting your Palm and see if that frees enough memory. Soft resetting will get back and lost or fragmented Heap.

    2) Delete any old programs and data from Main Memory and move programs to internal storage or SD card. Most Palms have the Main Memory split into Heap and Storage where the split is based on how much Storage you have used. The more Storage used the less Heap available. Freeing up more Storage in Main Memory by moving to Alternate Memory may free more Heap. Alternate Memory includes NVFS (other internal memory), SD card, or disk drive. Unfortunately you don't get all the memory you free from Storage as heap as the Palm OS will only put 20 or 25 percent back into the Heap. So if your free 1MB you probably get no more than 250K more Heap.

    3) Remove and resident memory programs. There are certain types of programs which have to remain in memory at all times. These programs are called "hacks" because they make changes to the way the Palm operating system works at a fundamental level. Because they make such changes, they need to be kept in memory at all times in order for their effect to remain active and this reduces what is available for other programs! It used to be that a hack was easy to identify - they required a separate "hack manager" program in order to run, and this program allowed you to turn them on or off, list what was there, etc. Nowadays, a lot of hacks no longer require this separate program - they can load and run on their own. Examples of this sort of hack are "Jot" and "Reco Echo", useful programs (which allow you to write directly on the screen), but known to cause many problems in games.

    4) Get a memory expander program. You can use a utility like UDMH to run Virtual Pool Mobile. UDMH is not endorsed or supported by Celeris and is a "use at your own risk" application.
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