Installation on Symbian Series 60/UIQ devices

This forum is Symbian Series 60 and UIQ phones. Find info on installation, and share with other Symbian phone owners.

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Installation on Symbian Series 60/UIQ devices

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Symbian Installation

There are two ways to install Virtual Pool Mobile on your phone. You can transfer the SIS files to the phone and install from there. If you have PC Suite, you can use this program to install the SIS files direct from you computer.

Without PC Suite:
First you have to transfer the each SIS file to your phone via Bluetooth, IR or Email. Do this one file at a time. You will then receive a message containing the file as an attachment. Highlight the attachment you want to install, bring up the options list, and select install. The file will then be saved to your phone's memory. Ensure you delete the original message once it is installed on your phone, as this will consume memory. Repeat the process until all SIS files are installed.

With PC Suite:
When installing a SIS file, as long as PC Suite is installed and the phone connected to the COM port in mRouter (which should be in the taskbar), you can just double click on the SIS in the PC and EPOC Install installs the program on the Phone, without having to send it to the phone first. This is a good way to install software if the memory is nearly full.

If you have limited memory available on your phone, you may have to reboot the phone after installation. The installation process uses memory that is not always returned to this system, thus not allowing enough free memory for Virtual Pool to run. Virtual Pool Mobile requires 1.8MB of free memory to run. You can reduce memory by moving images, audio files, messages and other items stored on your phone's main memory to a memory card.

You can find more information in the product FAQs here:
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Re: Installation on Symbian Series 60/UIQ devices

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Just don't want to start the new topic. Want report a bug in Virtual Pool Mobile 1.79 for Symbian.

1) In straight pool just after computer ended thinking and before he makes a shot when you press 3 button (replay) opponent will always have a miscall. Try it.
2) I have sound disabled in the options. After playing video with Curlie in the carreer mode sound get enabled in the game. I have to enable and disable them in the options to disable them again.
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