Virtual 9ball World Championships 2010

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Virtual 9ball World Championships 2010

Postby 9balldotcom » Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:27 pm

This years tourmanent will be different from all previous V9BWC tournaments in the past.

There will now be a group qualification stage for the event.This will consist of 8 groups of 8 players in each group and in tolal places for 64 players maximum.

Each player will play one another once in whatever league they find themselves in.

How will a player know what groups hes going to be in?

Well first of all there will be 8 seeded players in the event and one of those seeded players will be drawn into each individual league. This will be done from a seperate pot of seeded players and they will be drawn first before the main draw and put into each league respectively.

the remaining players signed up to the event will be drawn individually for each group,that is to say the first out the hat will go into group1 the second will go to group 2 and so on till the first lot of players are in each group,then it will have gone full circle so that the 9th player out the hat goes into group 1 again then the 10th goes to group 2 and so on till the dtaw is complete.

Each match in each group will consist of 16 racks(not to 16 racks,but you play 16 racks only)Consequently the match goal must be set to 16

points scoring.

3 points for a win

1 point for a draw.

Racks for and against will be counted in the event of ties.

If a tie still remains then any players in this siruation will have play off matches best of 9 racks and the winner will go through.

Overall Qualificarion to the final stages.

This will mean that the top 4 players from each group will go through to the final stages of 32 players.

All rounds will be to 31 racks up to the semi finals

Semi finals to 35 racks

Final to 41 racks.
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Re: Virtual 9ball World Championships 2010

Postby MofoThePat » Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:52 am

Is this happening?
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Re: Virtual 9ball World Championships 2010

Postby LarryL » Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:57 am

Probably not. Stub finally accomplished his goal of driving 9balldotcom crazy. 9ball officially declared that he will no longer run big tournaments.

VP3 seems to be on its last legs. With VP4 hopefully coming out soon most have lost interest in VP3.

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