VP3DL - constant 30 fps limit with modern gaming rig

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VP3DL - constant 30 fps limit with modern gaming rig

Postby AndersE » Sat Dec 21, 2013 4:54 am

Initially had the resolution problem many are facing with new graphic cards. Game ran at 800x600 scaled in fullscreen, and in the game options I could either choose 640x480 or "Window", and the window couldn't be resized. It's possible to manually change the resolution in the regedit, it won't display the actual resolution in the game but it will still run it at that. But the issue for me is that the game limits itself to 30 fps. When I run that window mode in a tiny little window, the fps is just fine, but not in full screen. Got a few friends that are not having this issue, and me being the only Windows 8 user of us. Another friend with Windows 8.1 as well faced the same problem as me, with the same video card. Could there be any solution for this? Or is it a windows 8 compability issue that you can't do anything about? Here are my specs:

Windows 8.1 Pro
AMD FX-8350 4,4GHz
Sapphire Radeon 7950 Boost 3GB

Already tried running and installing in different compability modes, and this isn't changing anything. I've heard people have been able to resize when in window mode, but for me it just won't work. Snapping back to the original.

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