Can't score an opening shot in 3C...

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Can't score an opening shot in 3C...

Postby ingmu » Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:29 am

I didn't play VP4 a lot since first 2~3 weeks and mainly played pocket I found that I can't score an opening shot in 3C...

In RL you open with some top-right English and medium power, and you'll easily get a "shorter" route but you can still hit and score.
If you want to hit OB more exact then use more side English.

In VP4...I can't score an opening shot unless I use almost no English...or you'll get a very very "long" route and miss...
I can't believe the terrible top spin problem isn't fixed yet...this reminds me why I stopped playing VP4 and turned back to VP3...I don't want the physics misguide my feelings of pool from VP3 which I could make use of them in RL very well.
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