VP4 snooker pockets

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VP4 snooker pockets

Postby Fluke[FIN] » Wed Jan 09, 2013 2:26 pm

Table presets are: normal, club, tournament. What it says of pocket size on table setting description for each one of those? :

Normal: "real large pockets"
Club: "medium size pockets"
Tournament: "small pockets"

And then when you go to custom settings, there is a setting for pocket size which scrolls as follows: Normal -> tournament -> tight -> very tight. So wheres the "medium size pockets" now? If you press "reset to normal" you'll get normal sized pockets. If you reset to club table youll get "normal" as pocket size again. A little weird? Is the game supposed to have "medium size" pockets or is that just a false description which was forgotten to be fixed in the development phase?
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