Slow Roll

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Slow Roll

Postby mart » Wed Nov 21, 2012 5:23 pm

Im in the middle of a career of bowlliards. (my favourite game along with cowboy which unfortunately you can't play a career on, or play with AI)

There was an issue in the previous update where Tall Steve was put as Boss and there was no Slow Roll. This was changed in this update, however...

I think her playing ability is set to Tall Steve. He made himself pretty much impossible to beat in VP3 (curly version) and VP4....ego much?? :gagme: (I was able to beat him in Jeanette Lee version :bootyshake: ) ...and in this she almost got a maximum run... she missed only 1 ball throughout the match and scored 288. Im pretty sure that Slow Roll is not supposed to get an almost maximum run on Bowlliards...infact, she doesn't even play as curly suggests, or has her name suggests "slow roll"...infact, her game is much more like Tall Steve!! ie: whack and they go in no matter how impossible the shot is :pffft:

Im not the best player around but my highest on Bowlliards is 251 which I;ve only managed once...and beat one of the proper players for $6000 to win that match...which took some doing for me!! But gawd...can I beat Tall Steve? or should that be "Tall Slow Roll"? :P

Im not complaining...I like the challenge and it helps me improve, even if its frustrating :P , but just thought I'd mention it here incase its an issue that Steve would like to address.
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