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Snooker Recommendations

PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 7:08 pm
by sigsky
Playing Career Mode, I am ahead 57 to 38 and only the black is on the table but my opponent insists on continuing to play for 3 snookers. Opponent should resign if only the black is on the table and opponent trails by more than 7.

I have tried to play on trailing by 8 with only the black on the table. There was a situation where the opponent then fouled by potting the white in-off but the opponent was declared the winner anyway. Is this how it should work?

I am confused by the touching ball rule as well. Is it really a foul for the white to strike the touching ball first? I thought the touching ball rule was to inform you that you could play directly away from the touching ball and if no other ball was struck that it was not a foul. Maybe it is true that if the touching ball moves first it is automatically considered a "push".

I love the miss options in VP4, but I can't say the opponents are very smart about their selection of escapes. I had a game where I accumulated 136 points in opponent fouls from a snooker with 15 reds on the table. It was a difficult 1 cushion escape but my opponent insist in trying an intricate 3 cushion escape.

I dislike my opponents all of a sudden potting long shots along the cushion at sharp angles. Shots where the pros I see on TV routinely do not attempt.

Re: Snooker Recommendations

PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:41 am
by sigsky
I blundered into an easy fix for the opponent not resigning when you have more than a 7 point lead and only the black is on the table. Just pot the white directly and you will win the game! Also works in VP3.

I have also noticed, at least in VP3 that when all the spots are occupied and a color is placed in the appropriate place, it is often placed touching a red when in reality it should be placed as close as possible without touching.