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Multiple Money Balls

PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:00 am
by JohnSlingBlade
There is a rule error in the game reguarding illegally pocketing a money ball. If you set the game for multiple money balls and handicap is set for lets say the 7 ball. Anytime you Illegally pocket said money ball it should stay down. Also if its driven off the table. The only time the money ball should be respotted is when the person giving the money ball 1. pockets it on the break, 2. drives it off the table, 3. illegally pockets it. Its also is respotted if you yourself pockets it on the break. Any illegally pocketing or foul on that money ball by the recieving player, it stays down.
As it stands now, you can illegally pocket the 7 and the game will respot it. This can result in an unfair tactical advantage for the offending player getting the money ball. Ill give you an example. Lets say Im getting the 7 ball and along the rail is the 8,6 4, and 7 all frozen to the rail a few inches from the corner pocket, its my shot and the lowest ball to be hit is the 4. I shot into the 8 driving the 7 to the pocket and give ball in hand to my opponent. The game will respot the 7, my opponent has a cluster of balls no longer frozen and a situation to try to make a shot or a legal safety out of it .. The illegally pocketed money ball must stay down...Thats the price you pay for Fouling on your money ball. Ive played tourney's for over 25 years at A-open level and anytime the spot ball is pocketed illegally by the recieving player, it stays down. Also it should always be a called shot wether you are playing call the money or not. Wild spot is not the norm.

Re: Multiple Money Balls

PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 6:12 pm
by JohnSlingBlade
wow I wrote this back in august of 2012 and out of all the people that read it, not 1 person responded.......Thats sad

Re: Multiple Money Balls

PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:15 pm
by vpeer
VP4 does not work like you describe for ball weight, at least not anymore. The current code base spots all illegally pocketed balls by the giver and not by the getter. But it does not spot money balls made by the giver on the break. Those it considers legally pocketed. Maybe you give weight like that where you are from but i never have. I also think it is a poor rule as it can cause confusion and it is more complicated. And on top of it it makes very little difference in how much weight is given.