VP3 wishes...

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VP3 wishes...

Postby stevaux » Sat Feb 05, 2011 1:26 pm

Some of the software i have for PC has tons of options where graphics and audio can be substituted for community created files.e.g. rfactor/minecraft/armed assault. Its just the skins that change and the physics are left alone.

I am sure there are some graphic design artists that use VP3, and if were given the background template, could create their own backdrops for users to download.

Ive probably been spoiled by the options of the other software, but how about the ability to change a colour of a table cloth to blue for example? Or a snooker table pocket to have a "swish" instead of a plastic "thunk"?

I appreciate VP4 has all the focus these days. Maybe it will have all these options, im not sure. Is the development of VP3 final? Why not open it up to the community if it is and see what happens. (and yes, of course, keep the physics files locked away!)

Sorry if this has been addressed before.....Im new here ;-)

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