VP3 suggestions for new features

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VP3 suggestions for new features

Post by Blackball75 » Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:04 pm

Hi, here's another post by me. This time with some game feature recommendations:

1) Make it possible to use a mouse-wheel (AFAIK this is not possible at present)

2) Have the option of a "balls sunk" display, a bit like the window in the side of coin-op bar tables

3) Have the option of a power meter, so you can gauge exactly how hard you will hit the cue-ball. I find the current system a bit vague and unwieldy.

4) Have the Statistics section show all your stats (incl. Career mode), not just your Quickplay stats. I think this really needs to be in to make the game fully-rounded and even more interesting.

5) Have some kind of Congratulations screen when you win a tournament. This would add realism and increase motivation.

AWESOME game!! Thanks for listening :)

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Re: VP3 suggestions for new features

Post by 9balldotcom » Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:55 pm

I would have doubts as to whether any major updates will be done or are intended for vp3 as Celeris are already working on VP4,which you can find lots more about under the Next Gen section of the forum.

3) Have the option of a power meter, so you can gauge exactly how hard you will hit the cue-ball. I find the current system a bit vague and unwieldy.

Now the fact that all the Virtual Pool games have used the mouse action as your cue action is what has attracted many people to play the game.Im one of them.
The whole selling point not only the game physics,but the control method is what got me.

However if you are a new player to vp3,dont judge it on only a few hours play,some of us have been playing this game for 9 years and beleive me it takes a lot of practice and time to get good at the game.

The mouse action actually lets you judge the power to shots intuatively....so that after a while you get the "feel" for a shot,using a power bar you dont have that aspect of the game.You will not become a good vp3 player overninght cos this game actually has a very good learning curve to it which only through your own dedication will you eventuially see the benefit of it.
Once youve played it for a while youll see.

A few tips though.

You must go into your game settings and have alook at the mouse settings,for example try lowering the mouse sensitivity much lower than the default settings and also reduce the rotation setting as well,doing that will give you a much better feel and control of shots but only through perseverance...not overnight.
Also its worth having a look at your camera settings as you can change quite a bit in there to give you a better sight of the table ,to zoom in or zoom out and to find a setting your comfortable with.

Those are a few things to try and mess around with and im sure that through a bit of practice youll see why a power bar is for all other billiard sims,but for the best game like this is the only way to go is by mouse action =D> :strokeit:

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Re: VP3 suggestions for new features

Post by Frii » Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:42 am

Idea for add on's or separated game.

would automatically reset the shot, if the shot is missed for a do over, continuously up to the specified handicap or amount.

The game would automatically calculate your handicap to your play or a players could type it in.

Players could move their character to sight in shot i.g. draw a line from pocket to object ball.
Also could leave a mark on the object ball so when you at the other side of the pool table a player can
lineup on it and adjust to pocket the ball.

Players would have to not only get points for pocket the ball but also leave the cue ball in a choosen position
play circle. Diffient sizes for the area needed to make the next shot.

Players would get more point if its a clean shots.

Players would get more points for pocketing the ball on the first strike, and less for each handicap used.

power control tool to adjust the power of the cue strike.

English trainer mode would show all the line for each tip on English where
it will send the cue ball, and the affect English used has on the
path of the object ball to the pocket.

Could have robots as charters and when in robot vision mode you could only see through their vision.

Thank You,

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