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Installation on Palm OS 5 Devices

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 2:36 pm
by vpeer
Palm Installation

VPM installs into an Alternate Memory, not Main Memory. Alternate Memory may be other internal memory, SD card, or disk drive. Do not sync the .prc files into Alternate Memory. The .prc files are actually installation files that should be synced into Main Memory. The installer then runs and installs VPM into Alternate Memory.

HotSync vpmPalmFullxxx_Part1.prc file into Main Memory. After HotSync completes the installer will run on the Palm.
HotSync vpmPalmFullxxx_Part2.prc file into Main Memory. After HotSync completes the installer will run on the Palm.
Don't try to add them both then sync because the installer has problems unless they are done one at a time.

The installer puts Virtual Pool Mobile into the default Alternate storage media.
Virtual Pool Mobile only works from SD card, Non-Volatile Flash Memory, Memory Stick, or Disk Drive. The installer will not install Virtual Pool Mobile into Main Memory. If you move it there it will not work.

If you want game music then you also need to HotSync the vpmPalmMusic.prc.

The default installation location on Internal storage or Disk is /Applications
The default installation location on SD card is /PALM/Launcher

You can now run VPM by selecting the VPM icon. Because VPM is installed to Alternate Memory (SD, NVFS, disk) the icon is not on the Main launcher page. To access programs on Alternate Memory pull down the menu on the top right of launcher. At the bottom you will see something like CARD or INTERNAL. Select that and it should show you the Virtual Pool Mobile icon. If your using an after market launcher the procedure varies.

You can find more information in our FAQ here: