[info] How to subscribe FREE to GameSpy Arcade

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[info] How to subscribe FREE to GameSpy Arcade

Postby Agassi » Sun Jan 09, 2011 6:19 am

Everybody knows it, but this information can be useful for the new players searching this forum.

So in GSA press "Help" -> "Subscribe to GameSpy Arcade..." then simply close the tab (web page).
After this press "Help" -> "Verify My Subscription Status..."
That's all. You are subscribed.

After that press Ctrl+P for the options screen. Go to "Subsriber Features" -> "Advanced".
Disable the ads and write this to the "StartUp Game" so to go straight to the VP3 lobby after launching GSA:
Code: Select all


See also: How to upload a custom portrait to the GSA profile
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