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The best View

PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 6:20 am
by conniegeo1
What is the best way to view in a game Close up or Away or looking down on the table or looking down the cue . Normally when playing at a regular table i look down the Cue ,but im finding that not to be true here . i normally can see my imaginary ghost ball in a regular game . Seems like a visual perseption problem in VP3 . Im findiong sometimes if i zoom out alot (ball Cue Ball smaller ) im more accurate ? any suggestions Geo

PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 11:46 am
by Albinario
Here's an example of 1st person view:

I find that the lower the viewpoint, the easier it is to pot balls. But judging angles for position play is easier when you're aiming a bit higher up. I guess that's similar to real life since snooker players play with their head closer to the table than do billiards players.

As for zooming in or out, I play pretty much as the player in the clip i linked to, i don't like zooming in too much. I generally aim a bit lower down than that vid though.

I'm curious as to how other players aim. I have a theory that many players pot poorly because they have their view way too high.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 1:40 am
by Fluke[FIN]

I give my setup too into this thread, Ive got any videos/screenshots on the web(yet) but Ill try to explain:

First off, field of view -swtting is 40 (default). Earlier I played with FOV20, because before vp3 I played VPHall and it had similiar setting.

When the game starts and I get my turn, first I set the zoom: The butt of the cue just "touches" my monitor. Then I press and hold C-key and move mouse a little forward; this makes "your head" in the game to tilt a little downwards -> I see the cue as a little longer and it looks a little more realistic, cueball is located just a little bit higher than my monitors middle -vertical axis.
The trick with C-key seems to work with nice results only with higher FOV-values (around 40 and 40+). With FOV20 it seemed just to move the table somehow. Anyways, give it a try (FOV40 -players).

I play snooker for real too and I want my vp3 to look as close as possible to the real thing (aiming view). When I play with FOV 40 and set the zoom "head on top of the cue", in my opinion tha balls look a little too big. I ended up tuning the FOV a little -> value 43 seems quite OK. This makes the snookerballs to look a little smaller. They are small in real play too, diameter of 52,4mm.

I have done also some deep thinking on vp3 and the FOV -setting :) :

Earlier I played with FOV20 because I used into that setting when I played VPHall. I could pot balls in vp3 with FOV20 very accurately. I made 50-60 breaks on Loch without thinking the cueball-control at all; this was because I could pot any ball with under 90 degree cut for 95% sure. The breaks almost allways ended into scratch or my own snooker. For example, when the blue ball was on its spot and white in the middle of black-end cushion, this being ~30 degree cut and a really long pot, I didn't find any difficulties potting it into the yellow/green corner pocket with FOV20. I could pot it 14 times out of 15 tries with 1 - 1.5 second aiming. It was really easy.

The trick was far-away zoom -> I could use the butt of the cue as a "aimer" in the shot. (Dont know the correct word for this, but its the same kind of aimer that guns have. The principle is the same). FOV20 and far-away zoom -players might know what Im trying to say. With this "aimer" enabled, it made snooker only technical.

But with FOV 40 / 40+ and a realistic zoom, you dont have any "aiming aids" from the cue. This is where the mental part comes in the game. Everybody who plays snooker for real know snooker is very mental game,not only technical. When playing with FOV 40 / 40+ you really have to "believe" in your shot. Believe you can pot the ball for 100% sure. Just like in the real snooker.

All the real snooker players out there, you know what I mean. When you are in the right mood, you CAN do a good break. And sometimes its not that easy, you miss even the easiest shots.

I didnt know vp3 snooker was a mental game until I started to play with FOV40. Even if it is a little harder to pot balls, even if sometimes I am not in the mood and even when I play worse with FOV40+ than on FOV20, I like FOV 40+ much better than FOV20. Just because it is adding the mental part into the game too.

I also, just like Albi, would like to hear the other players opinions into this subject too.


PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:47 am
by Albinario
yes 40 is the only way to play - other views are for kiddies