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Game Spy wants to install VP3 again

PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 12:20 pm
by conniegeo1
When im entering a game on Game Spy it tries to install VP3 again ,will not enter game . I have gone in and made the exceptions in firewall for both Game Spy and VP3DL im in the Lobby ,i push enter game and then it goes back to windows and tries to install the game again . I dont have a router so thats not it .I went by your instructions . Geo

PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 1:13 pm
by 9balldotcom
Ive still not met you in the lobby yet.
You should ask for asistance when your in the lobby,then we can suggest things to do when your there,rather than on the forum all the time.

Whats your name in the lobby??Is it the same as your using on the forum?

Im sure we can get you up and running,,,there are plenty people will help you.