VP 3 DL - Lan, Music, spot ball Win 8. Janette Lee's videos

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VP 3 DL - Lan, Music, spot ball Win 8. Janette Lee's videos

Postby Dark Rider » Fri Dec 21, 2012 9:55 pm

Just got my VP DL loaded on windows 8 and so far it seems to work o.k. But.. the G button does not seem to do anything for the spot ball in game nor does having the music turned to zero allowing the ingame music to stop playing. I set these before I started playing career mode. Any ideas?

I have also owned VP3 with Mrs Less video tutorials.. my disk died but I miss those videos.. any place to download them?

I want to play via a lan with my wife in another room. I have no idea how to set up a lan through a network via my modem/router. can anyone help or do i need to use a long ethernet cable to connect the two pc's directly?

Edit: solved the music.. seems it works fine.. that is no music when set to zero after a game restart. The spot ball is actually I think the ghost ball .. it's the grey ball that appears in front of your target ball then you aim - thats what i can't get rid of.
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