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Revealing my secret wonder drug to increase skill

PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:47 am
by Concentrator
After I started taking them, skill increased by double and I can concentrate longer without eyes feeling tired and blurry. Without them I'm nearly blind!

The only side effect is, if I stop taking them, a couple days later my eyes hurt and I get a huge headache and collapse on the floor. It feels like the vitamins enable my eyes to run on a higher refresh rate and resolution for superhuman vision! When removing vitamins, you get overload.

Here comes the secret...I'm using Blue Eye made for very old people, a high dose of 25mg Lutein per day, keeps the misses away!
You can also drink blueberry juice, it works but it's not good for consistent blood sugar. The best is a low GI diet with these pills!
It's not only great for pool, but other things as well, when you go outside, you see nature with new eyes.

Blue Eye is a Swedish brand, you should find other brands in your health store!