VP3DL: unlocking tables

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VP3DL: unlocking tables

Postby Skybird » Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:41 am

I played VP3 since over ten years (Jeanette Lee version), now got VP4, and I love it. My mother, 64, loved it too, when seeing it, but since I manage her laptop and since I was not certain whether it would run VP4 (it's a Samsung R509, Vista), I got her VP3DL, due to lower graphics specs and lower financial risk.

She loves it, but she will never be good enough to beat the bosses in career mode so to unlock the higher tables and locations, which are nicier to look at, and are brighter. So I tried to unlock them for her with the player.sts file from my old Jeanette CD version, where I had everything unlocked. But it did not work. I then got the file linked in the first thread here in this forum, but it also did not do any unblocking magic.

Can anyone help?
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